Naming Dell


How Dell got it's name

After 3 weeks, nearly 300 nominations, and 2,013 votes, we are pleased to announce the name of the new Hornet mascot is DELL.

Dell has wide spread support from current students and alumni alike. The original name nomination was submitted as a way to honor Christopher Delaware, Class of 2002, and also a way to recognize the "elegant hub" of our beautiful Lakeside Drive campus. Delaware was a founding member of the Mu Chi Chapter of Sigma Nu while also making an impact as a Resident Assistant and other student life support positions. Delaware past away suddenly in 2010, but his legacy as a student and alumni is still, and will now always, be felt.

Periodically, Dell will be joined by Elsie, as she enjoys her well deserved condensed appearance schedule. Dell will hit the road today to help support Women's Basketball in the NCAA Tournament and continue to bring Hornet pride to countless athletic, student life and academic events for years to come. Read more about Elsie's new role and Dell's arrival to the Lynchburg campus at this link.

Lynchburg students, faculty, staff and alumni participated in a 22 day process that provided multiple interactions to nominate and narrow the list of Hornet names to the "Final Four" with DELL proving victorious.