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Lynchburg Hornets Sports Network


Coach Scott takes a golf cart for a spin around campus, offering a ride for students to their destinations with a reward for answering some questions about Lynchburg College.

This is LHSN: Championship Coverage

The LHSN crew has to prepare to cover champions. Just like the athletes they cover, Ed Smith plays a large role in making that happen

This is LHSN: Road Coverage

Trust LHSN to bring you the action from home and on the road!

This is LHSN: Business Casual

Joe doesn't always dress to impress. It's more about comfort in studio

This is LHSN: Dedication

Joe and D-Rowe work very hard on their craft, not always with sports


The LHSN crew gets into the Mannequin Challenge craze with a look at things "Before the Show.

This Is LHSN: Family Matters

With the weather warming up and Dell on campus, you have to be extra careful about how you deal with unwanted company....

LHSN: PRogressively Improving

Produced by student, Terry Clay, this video is the debut of the LHSN motto, Progressively Improving.